Friday, May 29, 2009

Four and a half Weeks Post-Op

I know, I's been too long. My excuse is that I've been on pain pills and couldn't have put two words together. Seriously! Those things impair everything - and I do mean everything - mind, memory, shitting. LOL!! (well? It is called Sandy's Shit!)

OK, so, I'll start at the beginning and move through.

Surgery Monday morning. Got the pain under control quickly after surgery so I got to go to my room. Once I got to my room, however, I started really feeling pain. It was horrible. Like, screaming out and yelling pain. I was "one of those". So embarrassing. What it was, though, was that I was having horrible cramps in my butt and down my legs. They said it must have been the position they had me in during surgery. Anyway, I was screaming and Andrew and my mom and dad are all looking really concerned. My mom came up with an idea of putting her fist into my cramp in my butt (when I say butt, I mean outter butt). Then she came up with the idea of giving me Robaxicette. That helped immensely!
The stay in the hospital after that was just a stay in the hospital...learning how to get up, going pee, waiting for that all important BM before you get to leave, lots of bloodwork and blood pressure readings and? The cutest Physio Therapist in the land!! OMG! He was so cute! I definitely had a little crush going! We thrived on making each other laugh. Whatever gets you through, right?
I got to go home on the Friday afternoon. Slept in Kevin's room for the first week. A nurse came every second day to take blood and pressure. I was on Coumadin (blood thinner) and they had to make sure I was taking the right amount. Physio came and gave me exercises. Lots of pain killers and sleeping.
Now? What a difference four weeks makes. Most of the time, I'm in absolutely no pain. I take a pain killer every now and then if I've done too much. I'm walking around the house mostly without a cane. I use it when I go outside, though. Today, when physio was here, we went for a walk with the cane and then I went "caneless" up my driveway and up the stairs to the house!! Woohoo for me!!! I was very proud. You know that look when a baby takes their first steps and they're so proud? That was the look on my face this afternoon!! LOL!!

Right now it's 4 am. I had a dream. A Donny Osmond dream! Oh my!! It was a good one! Vivid....ohhhhhh

Oh...sorry - got lost in "thought" there for a minute!!


Jeff graduated college! Yay, Jeff!! Here's some pics from the party - I'll post some of him in cap and gown when I get to it.

I'm thinking someone could have told me that my hair looked like shit and that the shirt was not "flattering" on my arms! I know I didn't care - those pain pills are great! They make you "not care" about anything, and... I was out of my wheelchair for a moment! Yay!! But, other than me? Look at those men of mine!!

Aunt Hilary came from Canada for the big occassion!

My mom and dad helped out/did the entire party!! Thank you!! - no Scott and Kevin are not gay - they just pretend. A lot!!

Jeff and his two best friends, Josh and Jayson. Jayson is actually sleeping here tonight. I love him!!

Jeff and his school friends. His girlfriend, Chanel is the one hugging him (along with Josh who is the huggiest man I've ever met!)

Next up for Jeff is Graduate School. He's going to University of Florida for that. He will, eventually, be a CPA (the US equivilant of a CA) and follow in his daddy's footsteps.

Scott: Has a girlfriend. She's very "peppy" and sweet. Unfortunately she lives in Orlando so guess where Scott's staying this summer? Whatever. Here's a picture of them:

Kevin: Home. Trying to work. He was with a company selling "meat" door to door - yah, yah, too funny! Meat as in steak and chicken, y'all! Get your minds out of the gutter!! He quit that, yesterday - but not before getting me lots of steak, chicken and fish at cost! Woohoo!! He's going to start looking for a different job tomorrow. There's not many jobs out there, I must say. If you like telemarketing? C'mon down to Florida!! That's the only jobs available, it seems. He may just have to do it. It does pay well.

Andrew - Currently in Europe. Just for a week this time. Happy at his job and wishing I would hurry up and heal so everything can get back to normal. He's been such a rock through this whole thing. He has to do everything, you know. All the laundry, cooking, cleaning, groceries. Everything! I love you, Babe!!

That's all, for now. Are you happy, Shelley? LOL!!