Tuesday, July 7, 2009

10 weeks post-op

Wow! It's been so long since I updated and so much has happened! Mostly family stuff.

I'll start with Scott. Scott had his heart set on being an Air Force Pilot. He's done one year of AFROTC at his University. He did really, really well. So well, that they gave him a $1,000 scholarship! Yay Scott. Well, to be in the Air Force you have to be physically perfect. We found out, through all the testing, that Scott is not physically perfect. What a frickin' shock! Turns out he has a degenerative eye disease called Lattice Degeneration. With this particular disease? They have turned him down. That's it, that's all. Thanks for dedicating a year of your life to the Air Force. Spending all your time with this Air Force "family". Making all your friends Air Force people. Thanks, but no thanks. You're not perfect so away you go. Can you tell I'm a little bitter? Really pissed me off. They just called Scott into the office and told him. Now, you should know, that they were really sad. Near tears, sad. But, still. He's out. So long sucker!

We took him to a renowned specialist who confirmed the diagnosis. I called Scott's Captain and discussed it with him. Tried to see if we could get a waiver for it or appeal the decision but there's no appealing the government. So...Scott's gotta figure out something else. Now, as I've always said, when one door closes, another one opens. It's kismet.

My dad knows a guy from hockey who works for ESPN and is working on getting Scotty a job/internship at the ESPN radio in Orlando. So...let's all cross our fingers and hope this works out. I've been harping on Scott to do something with his weird brain that holds the strangest sports information. He knows so much "crap" and statistics that it's really truly odd. Scott, I'm not saying your odd, I'm saying that part of you is odd. LOL! And, I must say that I wouldn't trade that year Scott was with the ROTC. It made him focused and "turned him into a man". I am grateful for that (but still pissed).

I also should add that Kevin is still in the Air Force ROTC (he got a $500 scholarship!! - it was a proud proud day!) so, as mad as I am about the Scott situation, I have to put that aside and hope for the best for Kevin. We took Kevin to that same eye guy and he does not have the degenerative eye disease so he should be good to go. Other than that? Kev's a bum this summer. He's tried several jobs and they've all sucked. He did that door to door meat job, then he tried his hand at telemarketing but got fired from it, then he did some telephone delivery. You work for yourself and, after all was said and done, he ended up making only about $5/hour on it. F that S. No way.

Jeff's got a great job, though! First off, he's still doing a paid internship in the accounting department at Rooms to Go. It's part-time. He also landed a secret shopper job. It pays $17.50/hour!! He only does it one day a month but that's a nice little job, eh? He's heading to University of Florida in the fall to continue his education. He has to do that to become a CPA.

As for me....I'm doing great. I'm off the cane, for the most part. I use it when we go to a festival or shopping but mostly for when I get tired, not because I need it for balance. I'm quite pleased with my progression. I'm sick of exercising every day, though. Really really sick of it.

Oh, and there's something I must say, here. I have had two people, lately, tell me how perfect my life is. WTF, people!! If you think my life is perfect then #1 you can't possibly BE my friend because #2 you're obviously not listening. I'm not perfect. My husband isn't perfect. My kids are not perfect. This really pissed me off 'cause they said it in a "what do you know, you have the perfect life" kind of way, you know? Who the hell do they think they're talking to? I was sick all the time growing up, had three horrible pregnancies along with three c-sections at the end of each one, then asthma with a couple of hospitalizations and had to move to Florida just so I could breathe. Next up? Cancer and now two hip replacements. I don't have a job, I don't talk to one of my sisters (she doesn't talk to me, either, so we're even, I guess), I miss Canada but can't live there 'cause I'll die and I go through empty nest syndrome in the winter and too many kids in the summer. I have no memory after chemo and menopause (at age 46 - thanks, Cancer, you fucker!!) and I'm fat to boot! Perfect? Assholes! Fuckers (that's my new favourite word).

Wow, I feel so much better having said that. Seriously, if someone said you were perfect. A friend said you were perfect. You'd just have to thing they're just not listening. We all have problems. Ok, I'm done, now.

Oh, and cancer-wise - I had a followup visit with my oncologist and my blood work looks good. The bone blood part was a little low but that's probably because of my hip surgery. There was another low part in the liver enzymes or something but that was low to begin with so they're just going to watch it. I go for all the "big tests" in September and October. I have to have an MRI, PET scan, mammogram and ultrasound. It's all to make sure I'm ok. I like it. Makes me feel secure in some weird way.

Alright, I'm done with my update....

I will download a video of a night of fun we had a couple of weeks ago. OMG! Wait till you see. I'll do it in the next couple of days. Oh! And my sister, Kim, is coming to visit on Thursday for a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited I can hardly sit down. She is one of my favourite people in the whole world! I'll try to video something good from her visit, too. Shouldn't be too hard - she's as weird as me! WooHoo!!!

ttfn peeps!


Andrew said...

what do you mean I'm not perfect. I liked that part.

Scott said...

ya wtf, im perfect as fuck

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